The Love Story

This website is a tribute and celebration of married life and love! 

There was a beautiful song out a few years ago called “True Love is a many splendoured thing”.   This adequately describes love through the ages of the world’s history,  One of the lines written in this beautiful song was ‘love is natures way of giving a reason to be living – the golden crown that makes a man a king”.   And then of course there is the old well knows saying, “All the world loves a lover”.

Love is a many splendored thingAnd it’s so true that the deep abiding relationship of love between boy and girl friend, fiances. lovers, husbands and wives – is a precious gift that we should always celebrate and give thanks for.   This website is a dedicated resource for lovers who are about to be married and a tribute to love and marriage.  

Whether you are a bride looking for the best wedding dress for you at the price that you can afford, or whether you are a man in love looking for a lovely engagement or wedding ring, the aim is to give you a wide range of choices of the very best quality items.  On this site you can also find many ideas for wedding gifts.  The site also deals with the intriguing history of the giving and exchanging of rings, the history of marriage itself.   For the guys, a wide range of ideas for the background of marriage proposals is given.  It is hoped that you will enjoy your tour around this site and of course you are encouraged to comment on the posts and blogs.









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