How To Buy Bras

Buying Lingerie Dependent on Your Exact Cup Shape


According to Caprice Bourret, 45, a lingerie expert and Founder of By Caprice Products, from London, there’s a very specific formula for buying the perfect lingerie every time.  

Guide to buying bras.

Caprice Bourret

The businesswoman, who built a lingerie empire from scratch, says that with the right shopping technique, you can make a woman’s breasts look their best.  International model Caprice has shared her savvy guide to selecting the exact bra style based on your cup shape.

Round Breasts : Evenly Full at Top and Bottom

Round breasts need little support

Round Breasts


If your breasts are a round shape and are equally full on top and bottom, then you’re lucky enough not to need too much support

 The Bralette ( which has been a huge trend for 2016) is a good style of bra if your breasts have this natural shape and do not require support with underwire.

The Bralette is good for enhancing round breasts

The Bralette

This breast tends to fill beautifully every style of bra but I recommend the bralette, as the breasts have their own natural shape and don’t need underwire.


East Wests Breasts: Outward Pointing Nipples

East West breasts

Underwire Plunge Bra

Caprice  recommends that if you have smaller breasts that gravitate to the outside of the chest then you’re an “East West”.   If you are “East-West” an underwired plunge bra is ideal for defining your shape as it is designed to push the breasts together and lift.
With this shape, a lady will feel more confident in an underwired bra that pushes her breasts together. Therefore, opting for a plunge or gel bra would be ideal, as they will help define shape and cleavage since the plunge bra is designed to push breasts together and lifts from within the bra.


Side Set : Gap  Between Breasts

Side Breasts – Gap In Breasts

Balconette Bra

Side set breasts are fuller than East – Wests but still fall outwards, and there’s also a wide space between breasts.  

A Balconette Bra is a great shape for women with side set breasts as they are designed to lift and the wire in the middle but also conceals the space.


Bell Shape Breasts: Thinner at the top, fuller at the bottom

Bel shaped breasts need a

Bell Shaped Breasts

If your breasts are slimmer at the top and fuller at the bottom, then you’re a Bell Shape/

Balconette bra also for larger breasts.

Larger boobs work well with balconette bras, they lift from the bottom and create an illusion of all-round fullness
Bell breasts are normally associated with larger boobs. I would recommend a balconette bra for this shape – designed to lift from the bottom where the fuller part is so the bra can help push the breasts up to create the illusion of all-round fullness.

Slender: Thinner breasts with nipples pointing downwards

Slender breasts with niples downwards

Breasts that are smaller at the top than they are at the bottom and are longer than they are wide are considered slender

A Gel Bra is perfect for slender breasts

A gel bra is perfect for slender breasts as the padding gives maximum uplift and creates the illusion of bigger boobs

A gel bra is ideal for slender breasts as the gel padding gives maximum uplift, pushing the breasts inwards and upwards for great shape.
These are specially designed to give extra lift, a more refined shape and a wonderful cleavage. Gel bras give the illusion that her breasts are two sizes bigger.
If she likes to show off her assets you could also opt for a double booster!

Tear Drop: Round but less full at the top

Teardrop Breasts


Teardrop breasts, which are rounded but slightly less full at the top

A plunge bra helps to lift and shape your bust and is crafted to create a fuller looking cleavage
Plunge bras are ideal for a teardrop bust, as the cups and neckline have been especially crafted to create fuller looking cleavage.
Alternatively, a plunge bra is also designed to bring breasts together to create a natural shape and help enhance curves.

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