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Dream Honeymoon Locations

TheWeddingCentre introduces you to some fantastic places where you can enjoy dream, often all-inclusive honeymoon vacations.

Luxury Honeymoons and Breaks In the UK

Screenshot_1jpegEngland and English lanes have an infinite charm. The nation has many beautiful landscapes of forests and rolling plains. The may rains bring a beautiful hue of many lush greens and yellows.  Wherever you want to travel,  from the rocky places in Cornwall to the rolling hills of the North you will encounter much beauty in England.  So how about a luxury break or honeymoon in one of the many fine romantic luxury country hotels or boutique townhouses in the UK? 

honeymoonHoneymoon and holiday breaks are available in many locations including Bath, the Cotswolds, Lake District, Yorkshire, Devon and the Channel Islands.  
There are packages that are all-inclusive, allowing you to enjoy accommodation to the full – including dining, and often many extras like spa treatments, Champagne, late checkouts, extra treats in your room.

View some beautiful honeymoon and holiday break venues and packages in the UK., click here

Other Honeymoons

Perhaps as a couple you’re  not overly concerned with warm breezes and beautiful swaying palm trees.  It may be that you desire a more adventure packed honeymoon.  449888598639518

If this is the case, places like the Victoria Falls offer adventure for you both.  At the Victoria Falls for instance, you can soar in a helicopter over the cascading waters  below.   Other adventurous honeymoon packages will take you to Egypt, Australia or The African continent. Some honeymoon packages to Australia will take you both on an adventurous journey to see crocodiles, kangaroos and Koala bears in a unique wildlife environment.  It will be so exciting to see theses animals close up to you as you hold hands and embrace together.

Wedding Honeymoon Cruises

Caribbean Honeymoon Cruises – With the glorious combination  of sun, sea and sand, Caribbean honeymoon cruises are the top choice for many newlyweds.  These cruises take you to beautiful destinations with diverse cultures and varied exotic foods such as the Cayman Islands, the Bahamas and Barbados.top_honeymoon_destinations_in_the_caribbean_spmtv1

Hawaiian Honeymoon Cruises – Honeymoon package cruises to Hawaii are extremely popular not only for the lovely ambience of the location, but also because Hawaii, being part of the USA makes the trips less expensive than other foreign destinations.  Honeymoon trips to Hawaii offer the bride and groom the view of stunning tropical vistas saturated in romance.  Islands such as Maui and Kauai are teeming with marine life, gorgeous reefs, black sandy beaches, exotic Hawaiian food and fascinating culture.


Alaskan Honeymoon Cruises – How about a change from warm climates?   Not every bride likes the heat! So if your lady loves something a little more bracing, why not take a package honeymoon cruise to Alaska and treat both of you to the romantic experience of the northern lights?   There are also awesome glaciers and Alaskan wildlife to see.  You can both have fun skiing and skating in places like Juneau, Skagway and Ketchikan.


European Honeymoon Cruises – The continent of Europe has some very wonderful cities cities filled with beauty and romance.  Why not take a European honeymoon cruise and visit cities like Rome, Paris or Venice.   Visit the Eiffel Tower in Paris or ride on a romantic gondola in Venice.  Zurich in Switzerland is also filled with history, luxury and allure and boasts nearby snow capped mountains you can both view together from the high vantage point of a cable car. 

Zurich Zurich

Honeymoon in Zambia – Staying at a Tongabezi Lodge House

Tongabezi is a place of dreams for love and romance and the perfect location to celebrate a honeymoon  or wedding anniversary.  Here,  a Lodge containing 6 beautifully designed romantic houses has been prepared just for you. Each of the houses has a sense of peaceful privacy and intimacy with views across the water or a private garden.  Both of you will be able to dine alone under romantic evening starlight in secluded terraces.

Friendly, attentive and non-intrusive staff will ensure you enjoy the honeymoon of your dreams.   Indeed, each of Tongabezi Lodges houses is allocated a personal valet who will be available exclusively to ensure your comfort and arrange your entertainment.

Special Activities at Tongabezi

Additonally to your peaceful and romantic stay at Tongabezi, can also arrange special activities for you both – for example:

  • Enjoy a candlelit dinner floating on a Sampan in the Zambezi – while every course is delivered to you by canoe.
  • Float along the Zambezi under white cotton sail on an original bleached wood Malawi Dhow
  • Book a meal (or two) in The Lookout. Fabulous design, gorgeous views, shore bound exclusivity and absolute comfort.

For more details of Tongabezi Lodges holidays, accommodation and service contact Mervis  N Kabika of nsefutrails  at email mentioning Marcus of .

African Safari Houses

Safari Houses are an exciting and  recent type of accommodation brought into the tourism industry offering a unique and very intimate and genuine bush experience!  Safari houses are  fabulous, large, villa type accommodations  which are capable of housing large families or a group of friends under one roof.  

Your Own Story of Passionate Love and Romance

No doubt your own story of passionate love as a couple on the wedding night will also be an amazing story to remember, WHEREVER you are on that passionate night!.   Select the link below for some tips for you both to help ensure that YOUR wedding night as a newly wed couple is as memorable as it possibly can be go to – HOW TO HAVE A GREAT WEDDING NIGHT





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