Am I Too Fat For Him?

Girls, have you ever wondered sometimes why men reject women.   Some guy rejects you and you ask yourself, “Am I too fat for him?”.  Maybe you adored him so much and wanted to have a relationship with a guy that it hurt so bad. Then just when you thought you had him only to suffer the sinking feeling of being rejected.

.rejection can hurt really badly.

We wonder why we are rejected

Do you ever wonder what went wrong? You asked questions about yourself. “Am I too fat?” ” Did I try too hard?”. “Maybe I’m not attractive enough!” All these questions rheel through your mind.

There Can be A Multitude of Reasons

The truth is that the reasons aren’t always as clear cut as you might imagine. After examining and looking – in fact, some of them will surprise you.into some reasons that men reject women some of the reasons are very unexpected!

Afraid Of Inexperience Or Looking Too Eager

Another guy said that he feared he was too inexperienced sexually, and another guy was worried about appearing too eager.

Too Fat or facial Hair

Girls, I guess some guys like their women big and even voloptuously  fat.  However the question, “Am I too fat for him” may be really valid,  The truth is that many other men find overweight girls a complete turn-off. He may love your terrific personality and humour – but maybe he will want to spend the rest of his nights of passion with a slim model ” twiggy” type.  And seriously, you need to watch your health if you want to keep the beauty of your youth.  Obesity can be very physically damaging!

He Turned Her down Because She Had Been Drinking

One guy confessed to being madly in love with a girl for two whole years. He was crazy about her. Then one night he was surprised when she herself suddenly tried to sleep with him. She was however drunk and he refused her that night. His reason was that he didn’t want to spoil the chances of having a future with her in the future. He wanted to show his respect. So girls, maybe you should take care not to throw yourself at a man too early. No matter how politically incorrect and old-fashioned it may seem to waut until your married, actually men secretly often want deep in their hearts a girl whose willing to save herself for marriage.

Scared Too Appear Too Eager

Girls, like I said, you can get all the reasons wrong why you where rejected. Another guy really liked this girl. He said that eventually she asked him out on a date. He said, ” I must have been crazy. I was scared that I would look too keen; too eager to take her out.” he admitted, ” I’m just plain stupid!” Maybe you where jilted because of his stupidity!

He Doesn’t Want A Relationship

You may want him so much sister. You nay be trying every “trick in the book” to get him. But maybe he senses your serious about him and he simply does NOT WANT a permanent relationship. He just wants loose free casual sex. He really is doing you a favour if he doesn’t get involved with you. Best to just move on when you find this type of guy. If he does settle eventually, he may cause you untold heartbreak in the future.

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