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Popping The Question-

The marriage proposal is a romantic event both for the groom and the bride.  There have been many great creative marriage proposals, including beach marriage proposals.images (1)

The suitors heart pounds, as often on bended knee, looking deep into her eyes with tender love he requests that she be his lifelong sweetheart, companion, lover and closest friend.  Her heart vibrates with joy as the man who she has “chased until he catches her” pledges his love, commitment, lifelong devotion and faithfulness.   Both hearts pound for joy and there are often tears in her eyes as gently, he places the ring upon her finger.

Sometimes the man proposing sings to his love; there have been many beautiful marriage proposal songs and flamboyant, novel and cute marriage proposals.

Best Marriage Proposals Ever – A Video Proposal

This was an amazing proposal that was made in 2015.   Dean Smith wanted so much to marry his girl friend Jennifer that he proposed to her for 365 days without her knowing about it.  He decided to give her a video marriage proposal so Dean  filmed himself  making proposals in video clips for a full 365 days.

Jennifer was in Aruba on her birthday when Dean finally delivered his video proposal.  Jennifer was getting ready for her birthday dinner when Jennifer’s sister jaclyn arrived at the room with a birthday surprise.   She knocked on Jennifer’s door and when Jen had opened it she was given a whiteboard with the message, “Happy birthday Jen” and instructions to go down to the lobby.

Jen went to the lobby and found her brother Joe waiting for her.  He had a whiteboard instructing her to go to the hotel bar.  At the bar she met a friend named Eric who had a message for her – “Go to the beach Jennifer.” 

Jen siting down watching the video.

Jen siting down watching the video.

When Jennifer arrived at the beach her father and stepmother were waiting for her. The seated her in a beach chair and handing her an ipad said to her, “Watch this video”. 

At the start of the video Dean could be heard saying, “ Happy birthday jennifer.  By now you’ve probably realised that your birthday surprise is a video.  But what you don’t know is that I have been planning this birthday surprise for over a year now,”  

Dean's Video - "Mary me Jen"

Dean’s Video – “Mary me Jen”

In the video clips Dean had filmed himself  proposing to Jen  for a full 365 days, each day she could see him holding up a whiteboard with the date on it and a fresh marriage proposal message.   He had written things like, “Please marry me Jen”, “Will you make me the happiest man in the world?”  

Bending down, looking to Jens eyes and proposing

Bending down, looking to Jens eyes and proposing


Finally at the end of the video came the instructions, “turn around”.   She turned and through eyes filled with tears of joy she saw Dean standing waiting for her with an engagement ring.  Kneeling down he gently placed it on her finger.

Best Marriage Proposals Ever – Groom In A Box

My friend Whillhelm is a Brazilian.   He wanted to really ” make a splash” as he proposed to his beautiful girl friend Gouchie.    He had a bright idea.  He got his friends to wrap him up in a huge box with ribbons all around it,  The box, which was addressed to his girl friend was carried by his friends ( who were dressed like delivery men) and placed outside the door of her home. images

Willhelm’s  friends rang the bell and when she answered the door they carried Willhelm , who was still in the box and placed him in her lounge.

Gouchie proceeded to open the box.  What a surprise she had , when Willhelm  jumped out with a wedding ring!   They are now a loving, happily married couple with a beautiful family.

Best Marriage Proposals Ever – While Floating In Space

Perhaps near the top of the list of romantic proposal stories is that of Alex and Graciela.  Alex was the boyfriend of Graciela Asturias, a 27-year-old architect from Manhattan.  Alex had one of the most romantic proposals ideas imagined.  He so much wanted to marry her that he thought up the idea to propose to her on her birthday “ floating in space” in simulated zero gravity.

On her birthday they flew in a Boeing 727 aircraft that was especially designed to create the experience of zero gravity for the passengers.   To achieve this, the aircraft would climb to 35000 feet and then plunge down to 24000 feet in a 4 minute dive.

As the plane plunged to earth, Alex popped the question to  Graciela while they were both floating in the cabin.  Graciela, overjoyed, accepted the proposal; he put the ring lovingly on her finger as they were both floating.   Alex and Graciela are now planning to spend their tenth year anniversary in orbit.

Stars of heaven – As Proposal Background

A young Guatemalan astronomer  was so deeply in love with a girl that he ” arranged” for the very stars in the night sky to shine for her and create the unique and ideal background for the most romantic proposal ever as he popped the question!    To read more GO TO  – Most Romantic  Marriage Proposal ever Made









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