How to Have A Great Wedding Night

Every normal couple dream of and expect and want to know how to have a great wedding night.  They want their wedding night to be  ablaze with passion and love making.   I want you both to enjoy that very special night.  So here are a few tips to help you on that special time.  

How to have a great wedding night.

Sex can improve with the years

Passionate Love Making

But here I want to add a word of realistic caution about your expectations for your wedding night sex.   Please don’t worry about unrealistic ” first night expectations”.   You have the rest of your life together.  Even if that first night does not live absolutely up to your expectations, REMEMBER THAT SEX CAN GET BETTER AND BETTER.  Sex and tender sexual intimacy is going to improve as you get more familiar with each other and each others needs over future years.  

The Open Secret 

Your wedding night sex is better if you are a slow lover

Women need a slow patient lover

Husbands, Be A Slow Lover – Husbands, always remember that women love a “slow lover”.   This is the open secret, but many lovers do not learn it.   Its ” open”  because its a well known fact, but its a secret because few men really learn to appreciate just how much time and tenderness a woman needs to reach climax.  Women love a man who is patient in bringing his wife to emotional and sexual arousal.  This is really a test for a man and when he is patient it shows his tenderness, love and consideration.    In order to know how to have great wedding night the groom will need to learn to love slowly.  Whereas a man can be aroused quickly and reach orgasm in a few minutes  a woman normally needs much longer, typically a minimum of 15 minutes.  Your bride may need to ne slowly caressed all over and kissed.  The husband should try and create an EMOTIONAL atmosphere that woos her heart.  Dim the lights, even sing to her; women love being sung to.  Tell her how beautiful she is to you and how much you love her.

imagesThink baths and massages  –  A jaccuzzi tub or even a plain old-fashioned bath is a great place to relax and also to get to know each other and each others bodies.  Giving each other body massages all over with massage-oil will help you both to be relaxed in being naked together.  Showering and taking baths is a great way to feel intimate and get used to each other.  Please remember  jacuzzi sex may be so easy as you thought.  It might be good to have fun but if you have to move to the bed for the “main event”, that’s honestly okay. And likely a lot easier.

First Night At Home?

Everything is better if you relax.   Maybe the fist night can be spent at home where you both feel more natural, comfortable and there is no pressure.  If the first night is spent in your home you wedding night sex will feel more relaxed,   and in this relaxed atmosphere things happen as they’re going to happen more spontaneously and naturally.  I said earlier that it might be a good idea to just rest in each others arms the first night after the wedding.  Just enjoy each other and let things happen as they happen.   Anyway, I say again – A great wedding tip is –  wait for the morning to have sex even if you spend the fist night in your own new home! You’ll often  be too tired after the long day of your wedding! 

accommodation_for_first_night_image_title_tuk3dPerhaps Wait Till Morning  – The wedding day can be such a busy time and at the end of the day both you and your love may be very tired. This time may be planned as the first and special time for sexual intimacy. Many brides like to “wait” until their wedding day for good reasons, but even if you have made love before your wedding night- you will want the fist time after marriage to be very memorable and special. On your wedding night you might consider waiting until the next morning for sexual intimacy.

Nothing is worse than feeling rushed, pressured or tired when you want to experience the delight of becoming or being one. A good nights sleep in each others arms may be the best thing to do. Then in the morning when you are fresh after the groom spreads flower petals on and around the bed you can both make love. Even if the decision is to be sexually intimate that night, it might be something worth discussing together now before the wedding day.

Ensure That She Feels Beautiful and Sexy

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