How To Have The Perfect Wedding

A Kiss For The Bride – 

This site is especially for those who are about to be married and want to know how to have the perfect wedding.  This is your dream.  Your dream is the perfect wedding and you are soon to hear the words for the first and last time, ” you may kiss the bride”.  

How to have the perfect wedding


Or perhaps you are a bride wishing to know how to choose the perfect wedding dress for your body type at the price that you can afford.  You may be a man in love looking for a lovely engagement or wedding ring.  Our aim is to give you a wide range of choices of the very best quality items.  You will want to know how to have the perfect wedding. 

On this site you can also find many ideas for wedding gifts.  The site also deals with the intriguing history of the giving and exchanging of rings, the history of marriage itself.   For the guys, a wide range of ideas for the background of marriage proposals is given.  It is hoped that you will enjoy your tour around this site.

Looking Wonderful On Your Wedding Day

On your wedding day you will want to look as lovely a bride as you can possibly be.   However inexpensive or extravagantly priced your wedding dress may be – you still need to choose the type of dress to flatter and enhance your particular body type.  You will also want to choose the correct material that will enhance you and also the type of Wedding Dress Silhouette type you decide to wear.  This website has  sections devoted to the subjects of choosing the very best style of dress for you as well as the lovely fabrics you choose. 

For advice on Dress Silhouettes go to –  HOW TO DRESS FOR YOUR BODY TYPE.

For advice on Ideal Dress Fabrics to use, go to – BEST FABRICS FOR A WEDDING

Wedding Favours

The Wedding meal is a great time for presenting opportunities for a little fun with wedding favours at your table. An unusual wedding favour will be appreciated by everyone present. If you give the right favours, your wedding guests will remember your wedding, treasuring them for years to come.

So whether it’s a wonderful treat or little personalised something the favours section of theweddingcentre offers some surprising and sure to be remembered items. These include:

  • beauty favours
  • edible favours
  • favour bags, bottles & boxes
  • favours for children
  • heart favours
  • message token favours
  • seed and plantable favours
  • unusual favours
  • favour badges, ribbons & stickers
  • favour fillers
  • favour stamps and tags


Beautiful Wedding and Honeymoon Lingerie

The beauty and sexiness of the lingerie the bride wears on the wedding night and honeymoon will be all important, both to the bride and the very happy groom!   This website devote a section on advice on  – how to choose Bridal lingerie

Flattering The Plus Size Figure

There is a special section on this website concerned with alluring   Plus Size Wedding Dresses   for the larger lady.  There is the opportunity to view some beautiful wedding dresses that are aimed to maximise her figure and loveliness.   There us also a section devoted to the subject of Lingerie for the larger ladyPlus Size Lingerie

Best Wedding Songs

wedding songs

The music you will have at your weddings and the performers entertaining will be something else important to you.  You will want to choose the best wedding songs because the wedding music chosen will be something both of you remember as long as you live.  On the best wedding songs page we are currently preparing a selection of top romantic songs  from different styles of ” immortal” love songs which will last forever!

Soon to be incorporated on this website  – Go to Wedding Music

Romantic Wedding Venues

couples love romantic wedding venues

Married Prince and Princess in embrace

Perhaps you are planning to go to some unorthodox venue for your wedding.  Many couples have had amazing weddings at romantic wedding places such as the tops of mountains, and even weddings in hot-air balloons. take you on a tour to some of the most romantic wedding venues you can imagine and give you suggestions for top outdoor  places for your wedding to be conducted.  To learn more about some of the best locations – proceed to – Where to Have an Exotic Wedding

All Inclusive Honeymoon Packages

There are many excellent All – Inclusive Honeymoon Packages offered at some beautiful and restful locations.   Taking advantage of these gives you both the peace of mind to know that everything has been taken care of in advance.   All accommodation. sightseeing tours, food and drink have all been paid for and pre-arranged.  All you need to do is relax and enjoy each other and of course – take enough pocket money for presents to take home to your family and friends.  To learn more about these beautiful wedding/honeymoon locations, proceed to All Inclusive Honeymoon Packages

Ideas For Marriage Proposals

Maybe your a young man, deeply in love and trying to pluck up the courage to find a way to pop the question in a way that will woo your sweetheart and blow her away?  You might get some ideas from the section on this site – Creative Marriage Proposals .   Some of these proposals are really ” way out” and ingenious, so don’t be discouraged.   She will probably say “YES” the moment you ask her.

Wedding Night Sex

Coup;es will want the wedding night sex to be unforgettable.

Alone At Last

And both of you, no doubt will want your wedding night and honeymoon to be a hot wedding night for both of you.  You will want your that special wedding night sex to be something that burns forever in your memory.  There is a section on this website catering with the INTIMACY aspects of your marriage, the marriage night and married life together  – and we will discuss the honeymoon.  Proceed to HOW TO HAVE A GREAT WEDDING NIGHT

Living Happily Ever After

You have your whole life together after the honeymoon, so this website includes advice on keeping the flame of love burning through the years.  There is no reason why your love and passion should decrease over the years.   But there will be challenges. temptations and difficulties.  We look at the the subject in depth – How To Keep the Passion in a Relationship


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