How To Look For a Husband

Your Searching for Your Soulmate

You’re a lonely girl who wants to know how to look for a husband. Here is some sound advice to help your on your search.

This article is to help you to know how to look for a husband.

How To look For A Husband in The Dating Game

You’re still without that special prince, your husband and soulmate.  Still without that husband and lover to kiss at midnight as you celebrate each New together. Perhaps you’re even in a panic about being “left on the shelf.”   Don’t despair there IS a special prince, a ‘mister right’ waiting just for you!  But in seeking how to look for a husband one ESSENTIAL  “key” is that you need to be proactive when it comes to being noticed by that special man waiting in the wings for you.   When it comes to love. the proverb, ‘every thing come to her who waits just not true as you seek to find love in Here are 10 golden tips to help you in your dating expedition.

Realize Your Worth

Faith Has Legs:  Take Action

Its no good being lazy as you embark on the quest for Mr Right.  Love is realistically very unlikely to land in your lap by just clicking the app on your mobile or website;  The dating environment has become more competitive than it has ever been.  This means that you  need to give 200 per cent if you are really in the zone to make a success of it.


You will need to be very visible.  Broaden your horizons and make yourself very noticeable and available.  One way to do this is by connecting with local groups or joining Facebook pages on a local level.  If you like singing you can meet guys with the same interests by joining a local choir.   Perhaps you really love playing the piano, the guitar or other instrument, so Why not join a local amature orchestra. Some handsome prince may just be doing the same thing as you are – and for the same reasons.  If you need exercise perhaps join the local gym this year.  Even if you don’t meet that special man there, the exercise will give you a fabulous feeling on the inside and that extra beauty shining through from being inwardly radiant may just attract that special someone


As you give your 200 per cent on your dating quest be on the lookout for love to come from unexpected sources.  Even a casual shopping trip[ to the supermarket may be the very place to find love.  Who knows but if  a bewildered helpless young bachelor may ask your advice as to where to look for an item he is searching for and ask for your number!

If you have a pet dog, Keep alert during your dog- walking.  You would be surprised how many love matches have been found by people striking up conversations about their pets dogs as they meet new friends.   


If you’re meeting a number of men in a dating cycle, don’t persevere with someone you’re unsure about or who just doesn’t seem to have the right chemistry with you. Don’t linger , hoping you might feel different later.  First impressions are very valid so trust your instincts and move on.  The dating game can be very exhausting and you will need to conserve your energy.  Finding ‘Mr right’ can be both mentally and physically exhausting as you will find  when you just want to head home after a long day in the office after the first ten ten first dates!   but don’t give up!  some girls can go on 20+ dates before they found the right guy.  Persevere!   When the day comes you are happily married you will look back and realize that your effort paid off wonderfully in the end.


On a date you may be wondering if he likes you.

Stop guessing what he thinks of you.

It’s easy to get concerned what he thinks about you on a date,  especially if he really attracts you.  It’s natural to try and second guess what he is thinking of you.   But remember he is in the same situation as you are.  Just let go of all that pointless anxiety. It’s a fact that most of our worries in our everyday daily lives are pointless; they exist only in our own minds. Instead of worried second- guessing, focus all your energy into positive thoughts of love and success. 

I hope this article on, ” how to look for a  husband” helps you or maybe even has helped you already to succeed in the question, “how do I get a husband”.


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