Most Romantic Marriage Proposal ever Made

World’s Most Romantic Marriage Proposal – 

– A young man so deeply in love created the most romantic marriage proposal ever made.  He made a perfect proposal and the most romantic scenario imaginable.  

The most romantic marriage proposal ever madeHe was so deeply in love with a girl that he ” arranged” for the very stars in the night sky to shine for her and create the unique and ideal background for the most romantic proposal ever as he popped the question!

A Couple In Love

The man and girl were really a couple in love.  The man’s name is Sergio; 34 years old and he comes from Guatemala, Argentina. His beloved name is Barby.  Sergio is an astro- astronomer by profession and both he and Barby where and are extremely passionate about astronomy. Sergio made careful plans to take Barby away to a place where the light pollution would be as minimal as possible and where the beauty of the night sky would be the greatest as a backdrop and scenery for his proposal of marriage.

A Romantic Getaway – And Night Sky Scenery

Under the pretence of taking Barby away to view the beauty of the night-sky, Sergio took her on a romantic getaway to the small coastal town of Cabo Raso, in Argentina’s Chubut Province. He took her with him as a sightseeing tour but of course he had more than sightseeing ‘up his sleeve’.

Being An Astro-scientist, Sergio was able to scientifically analyze the exact eath location where the air purity would be optimum in order for the most beautiful night sky backdrop imaginable.

After careful planning and travel he created the perfect setting under the sparkling Milky Way to make the most romantic marriage proposal ever made.  Dropped down on one knee he popped the question and asked Barby to marry.   Barby said yes.

Sergio spoke about his picturesque proposal later and said, “I was trying to be innovative, creative, romantic, exclusive, and a scientist but with magic in my head”

Sergio went on to say, “Barby and I are both very passionate about astronomy – we felt that strong connection and it was each other’s love for the stars that joined our hearts like colliding galaxies. For a special person, a special moment should be done in a very special place – asking the love of my life to marry me was a moment that really needed to be something outstanding.

Most romantic marriage proposal location


He continued, “I think marriage comes from the bottom of your heart – when you find that special person, the kind of person that makes you feel that you are capable of doing amazing things, the engagement comes with a level of confidence that you really feel you will spend the rest your life with that person.”  that deep love Sergio has for Barby inspired him to make what could easily be called –  the most romantic marriage proposal ever made for a couple in love.

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