Scheduling Sex With Your Spouse

Busy couples today are  scheduling sex.  Without scheduling their intimacy there would be no time.   Here is some advice on Scheduling Sex With Your Spouse.

The Modern Pressures On Marital Intimacy

Today modern married coupes have less and less time for intimacy with each other.  They suffer from busy work schedules, hectic social lives and huge family commitments.  Sadly all too often their eyes are riveted to their computer screens  rather than our each other.

Its only in a dream or a world of phantasy where sex within a long-term relationship would be all spontaneous and continually filled with love, lust and passion.  The truth is that after a while in every relationship the unbridled, spur-of-the-moment lust decreases  something much deeper grows ( or should do).   Once the initial flame of passion has cooled, it  inevitably settles down into a glow of companionable desire that is much more precious.   As love deepens sex becomes less demanding and urgent; it  becomes less urgent and at the same time it becomes sweeter and fuller and no less important!

Schedule your sex with your spouse.Have a Sex Schedule

Do not dismiss the value of Scheduled sex.  It can be very erotic.   You need a schedule because the reality is that its extremely unlikely in this modern busy world that you both spontaneously feel like sex at the same time. Even if you do, the chances at this time that you are both in the position or opportunity to actually have sex may not be there.   As a busy couple who who don’t want sex to become just a distant memory, set aside a schedule of some “us time” and stick to it.

Plan Your Dates Carefully

A great idea is to both take turns in planning.   The wife might suggest taking a bath together.  Maybe that was something you did once before in the earlier days of marriage.   Then maybe next turn the husband will suggest watching a romantic, love-story movie with you.  Keep moving on and making plans for something new and exciting.

 Importance Of Nights Out Together

Its so important to ” get out” once in a while.   Its a great thing  for instance to go out to eat together, or go to some other cool romantic venue.  If your both music lovers you can hold hands at a concert.   Or even hold each other tenderly in the back row of the cinema when the usherette is not watching  your sweet fumblings and caresses.  But if you are surrounded with children, the only way for you and other busy couples with children to have ‘us-time’ will be to schedule a whole night together.   Perhaps you  can get the grandparents involved  once every couple of weeks. The children can be sent off to spend a night with them and you can honeymoon again all  night with each other, usually in a hotel to offer a welcome change of scenery.

Make Love Deadlines

These are good for those who seem to be going through a ” dry spell” sexually and need to revitalize their lovemaking.  Perhaps, as a couple you make  decision to be intimate with each other an hour after arriving home from work.  You need not demand or aim for full penetrative sex.  Lots of fondling and carresssing may lead to that, but whatever you do you should both aim to come to a sexual climax. It’s best to aim for a weekly session at first and as you begin to really enjoy these planned times your lovemaking will become more full ad more frequently. 
If you are the parents of young children then move you date deadline to a time mutually convenient for you both.

Friday Night Can Be A Special Time For Some

For many couples if the end of their working week happens to be Friday for both of them this can be an ideal evening to set a romantic dinner date at home.  But whatever evening you are able to be free to make that ” tryst” with each other, be very strict about these things:

  • Phone pulled out from the walls
  • mobile phones and computers turned off
  • A rule that no callers at the door are answered – whoever they may be
  • Donn’t do any washing up till the next morning

Make that special time uninterrupted!  A night with a candlelit table for two with a choice bottle of wine – and to hell with any choes or washing up.  This is your very special time for after dinner love making.

Message Each Other Throughout The Day

On the day of your special tryst night allow the sexual tension and excitement to  build up during the day with teasing texts or romantic phone calls or reminding each other of what’s in store in the evening.  Make each other smile and really  look forward to the wonderful time you will have together.   Before that time allow certain romantic images to flit in and out of  your mind.  Shut down your computer at around 5pm and start to prepare a delicious dinner. He (or she) maybe comes home at 7pm or 8pm and after a shower, just eat, drink, chat and enjoy each other.  There should be an unspoken knowledge in the air of what will come later that’s erotic and
playful.  Just enjoy each other.

The Whole Non Interrupted Night Together For Busy Couples

Sometimes life can be so hectic with the  the pressures of work and a home filled with busy playful children.  Life can be such that the only way you can be sure of even a peaceful night alone together is to schedule a whole night away from home.    That may mean getting the grandparents ( or other friends) involved once every few of weeks.  The children can spend a night with them so that you can have a night with each other.  Choose a nice hotel with a welcome change of scenery.  Less time together maybe “more”.because of the tremendous quality time you have together in calm, peaceful and  celubrious surroundings

Ditch The Bedroom

For many exhausted and over-worked couples bed is the worst place to keep awake and indulge in lovemaking.   If you’re tired the soft hug of a bed can easily lead you into the temptation to choose snoozing over sex.   Take your session elsewhere.  Let the whole of the house, including the kitchen table be your ” lovers playground”.   Let ‘ all systems go’ and have fun!

Not Just At The End Of The Day

Experiment with non- night time hours of the day in which you can fit sex in.   For example the hour before work, lunch hour, etc.   Don’t think your ‘fireworks’ can only bang at the end of the day when all professional priorities are satisfied.  You can find it  really exciting to rediscover times that you previously thought were off limits to sex; times like the early morning, ( when as it so happens a man is normally most erect, passionate and virile).  Every so often  try to share a day off together and think about how many hours you can fit into that day for play.

Give sex a chance

Often only one of  you will be in the mood for lovemaking.  Don’t feel bad if your partner’s in the mood and you’re not.   Give sex  a  chance!    Spend some loving time just kissing and cuddling before deciding if you’re up for it or not.   Remember that the female sexual response  is more responsive than spontaneous.   What that means is, that a women will often feel like sex once they start having foreplay and being stimulated.   Sex doesn’t have to have a beginning, middle and end.   But whatever you do, make sure that you both come to a sexual climax.  There are more ways to achieve this for both of you than full penetrative sex.   Sex is NOT just for children.  it is a gift for pleasure also.  Nothing is out of bounds if you both love each other and enjoy.

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